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Agroecology and resilience of food systems


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This survey is being carried out by the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) with two objectives. First, we seek to understand the perceptions and challenges of scaling-up agroecological approaches. Second, we want to analyze how food systems are affected by short-term (i.e. Covid19) and long-term (i.e. climate change) crises. The international survey is addressed to a large panel of food system actors from the production, research, supply-chain and decision-making sectors. Designed in three languages, each participant can respond in French, in English or Spanish.


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  • As an independent research initiative, this survey is entirely free from any political or commercial interest. The results will be used for scientific purposes only and may be published.

  • This questionnaire is 100% compliant with general EU data protection regulations. Click here for more information. For any questions, please contact Dr. Yodit Kebede:


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4. Your answers to the questions 5 to 9 should reflect your experience in the country or region where you have worked or you still work extensively. In the drop-down menu, please specify the country or region you refer to. To refer to a region of the world (for example "Ouest Africa"), please choose "Other"  at the end of the list of countries and write "Ouest Africa".
Please note: if you would like to provide input for an additional country or region please complete an additional survey using the same link.
5. What challenges do you encounter in your field of work in relation to agroecology? Please give your answers by order of importance starting by the one you consider to be the major challenge.
6. Which challenge must be taken up as a priority to have a rapid and positive impact? Please rank from 1 (highest priority) to 5 (lowest priority) the answers given in question 5 and listed here by their codes from A to E.
7. Please let us know of any research project, citizen initiatives or policy measures in favor of agroecology in the country or region where you have worked or are still working. Any form of information can be shared in the textbox below: references to policy documents, articles, videos, project documents, websites, etc...
8. Which of the following categories best describes the sector or industry you work in (regardless of your actual position)?

9. What are the impacts of climate change on food systems that you observed in the last 5 to 10 years in the country or region where you worked or still work extensively? Please give your answers in descending order starting with the most important impact.

10. What are the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on food systems that you observed in the last few months in the country where you live? Please give your answers in descending order starting with the most important impact.


If the country where you live is different from the country where you work, please answer question 11.

11. Where do you live currently?